USCIS has decided to redistribute cases throughout various US field offices. This decision means that there will be faster processing times for applicants who are seeking naturalization (N-400), citizenship status forms adjustments (I-485), and permanent residence registration (I-485).

The N-400 and I-485 receipts boosted by 25% in FY 2016 and 15.6% in FY 2017. These increases contributed to longer processing times and uneven backlogs across various field offices. Ultimately, there was a maximum of a two year delay for the busier offices which less busy ones only needed six months. That’s why USCIS has shifted caseloads for a more even processing and distribution time.

Here are a few helpful tips about the filing process for those who are filing N-400:

  • Your case might not be processed in the same field that you sent it to.
  • Your interview might be held at a different field office or location.
  • Be prepared to potentially travel outside of your normal jurisdiction to interview.
  • USCIS will provide sufficient time to accommodate the additional travel.
  • USCIS has increased the amount of staff and field offices working the cases.
  • Anticipate appointment or request notices from offices outside your jurisdiction
  • All biometric appointments will take place in applicant’s jurisdiction
  • Heed the instructions on all notices advising of the next steps in the process