The Trump administration has never particularly liked chain immigration. President Trump has long wanted to eliminate it. He thinks it is one way to stop immigrants from crossing the southern US border. His dislike of these particular immigrant has led him to sign a memo that requires sponsors of family members to be responsible for their financial and medical needs while they are in the United States.

According to the new Trump memo, a United States sponsor will have to be responsible for every financial and medical benefit when they are in America. The sponsor must sign an affidavit that says that he or she will be the one that is responsible for their financial and medical needs. This new memo does not come out of nowhere. This sponsor requirement is part of the Illegal Immigration and Immigrant Responsibility Act and Welfare Reform of 1996. The government just did not enforce it. From now on, there will have to be an affidavit that states exactly what the financial responsibilities of the sponsor as well as a way to recover these expenses from this sponsor.

When you apply to become a legal migrant to the US and you have a sponsor that is a US citizen, this US sponsor will be responsible for reimbursing the US government if the immigrant gets social services from the US government. This could mean social services like Medicare or welfare that is given to a senior person. The sponsor’s affidavit must state that the sponsor can support the immigrant and that the sponsor’s income as well the sponsored family members are 125% above the poverty line that is mandated by the US government. This affidavit must have be supported by documents. The Treasury Department is in charge of working out the reimbursements and the recovery of funds while The Department of Health and Human Services will get the information from the immigrants and the sponsors.

If you are a US citizen who wants to become a sponsor of a family member, you can get a checklist of everything that you need to know about getting a family green card from the US government.
This intended to stop immigrants from doing chain immigration. It will make it quite expensive for family sponsors. It will especially be a burden for senior parents who want to see their adult children in America. Now, it is believed that 66% of admitted immigrants have family connections in America.