Thousands of people receive bad representation in criminal law cases. Sometimes people panic when a public defender tells them "accept this deal or you could receive a large jail sentence" Sometimes the wrong "plea negotiation could potentially hurt the individual. In some cases if an immigration case is filed the conviction could represent a problem for the applicant. This is why is so important that an independent or private attorney with plenty of criminal law experience analizes your case and represent you properly. An Attorney with criminal law experience could help you with a free consultation and tell you what he could potentially do for you in your criminal case. Call Now and schedule a free consultation 1 800 385-9507 or in Spanish 1 800 988-1030

Based on your information you can be indicated by your lawyer if you qualify or not. Adjustments of legal status within the United States. Consular adjustments (outside the United States) with a request for pardons. Citizenship. Cases of court and deportation. Remember that each case is unique and the lawyers will determine if they can help you or not. Not all qualify. Remember that declaring false information is a crime.

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Services Offered 

  • Analyze your criminal Case.
  • Representation in the State of California
  • Reopen a criminal case, set a case aside and eliminate or reduce convictions. (A judge must approve a case)
  • Represent and Remove Bench Warrants
  • Domestic Violence
  • DUI, Driving under the influence.
  • Fight Traffic Tickets
  • Each case is different and it must be analyzed by Attorney David Feinstein

Schedule a Free Consultation for your criminal law case by calling 1 800 385-9507  

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