When you have any type of an Immigration case, criminal law, accidents or a legal problem, the combined experience of many years in each of some of the independent attorneys like John Asuncion with over 30 years of experience, or Thomas Cohen with over 40 years of experience, the evaluation you'll receive will always be honest and will be thinking of your family, your time and with costs that you can afford, including payment plans.

Based on the information you provide  the independent attorney will tell you if you have a qualifiable case or not.

Adjustments of Status within the United States. Consular Process  with a waiver request for those who have a 3-10 year bar. Citizenship. Deportation Defense. Work Permit Renewal and many other type of cases. Remember that each case is unique and different. The attorney will determine if you qualify or not Remember that declaring false information is a crime.

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Immigration Services Offered 

  • Free evaluation in any type of Immigration Case
  • Family Petitions through Spouse, Parents, Children and Brothers. (Must be US Citizens or Legal Permanent Residents.
  • Citizenship
  • Same Sex Marriage Family Petitions.
  • Councilor Process around the world
  • Waivers and Provisional Waivers such as I-601 and I-601 A Waivers for accumulation of Illegal presence in the US.
  • Evaluation of denied applications.
  • Work Permit applications and Work Permit renewal.
  • U Visa (Crime Victims)
  • VAWA (Domestic Violence)
  • Labor Certification Applications.
  • Investor's Visas
  • Court Deportation Defense including Asylum, Cancelation of Deportation and more..
  • Every case must be evaluated by the attorney and determine qualifications 

Schedule a Free Consultation by calling 1 800 385-9507 or in Spanish 1 800 988-1030 

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