When you have a car accident or get injured, we know it is difficult to decide at that moment who to call. Who can you trust to give you the proper advice and represent you properly? Thomas L Cohen has over 40 years of experience and has helped many obtained what is deserved.

Professional and experienced attorneys who advertise with our Marketing agency  have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for their clients, making sure they get the proper medical attention and fair compensation.

If  the attorney you hire to represent you does not win your case, you won't pay a cent.

All attorneys who advertise are registered with the California State Bar. 

Remember, reporting false information is a crime.

Call now to schedule a free consultation at 1 800 385-9507 or in Spanish 1 800 988-1030 

Schedule a Free consultation or get Help Now! 1 385-9507 

Services Offered in any type of Personal Injury or Car Accident

  • Analyze and evaluate your Personal Injury case or Car Accident
  • Full Representation and deal with the Insurance Companies
  • Make sure car repairs are completed
  • Make sure client receives the best medical coverage 
  • Every case is different and unique and must be evaluated by the attorney.

Schedule a Free Personal Injury Consultation by calling 1 800 385-9507 or in Spanish 1 800 988-1030 

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