The American government has recently made rule changes regarding children who have parents that are US citizens. These changes were not clear. They actually made things more confusing and they also made people disappoint. This new rule is not about children who were born to US citizens that are living overseas. It should speed up the process for children who are born in the United States and are eligible for the amendment in the Constitution that allows American citizenship for kids born in America. If you are affected by this rule, the parents of the kids should apply for a visa and should be sure to establish residency before trying to become an American citizen.

Who will be affected by this new American rule for becoming a citizen? It will affect a naturalized citizen who cannot transfer their citizenship to their kids because they have not been able to fulfill American residency requirements. It affects parents who are US citizens and have never lived in America. It affects kids who were born after their parents became American citizens. It affects parents who adopted kids while they were overseas.

What caused the confusion and the disappointed after the rule was announced was the language of the announcement. The people, who were confused and disappointed, were federal employees like embassy officers who live and work overseas, American families in the military, and American members of military service. Another announcement was made to clarify the previous announcement and it stated clearly that people who can get citizenship by being born here will not be affected. The new rule only really applies to children who are not US citizens and are born overseas.